CUP Line, the easy quality Ligne CUP, la qualité facile

The CUP articulator

Used for the production of joint prostheses, the CUP articulator, thanks to its system of small dishes grooved without pines, remains today the articulator for bitten the more specific, the more functional, and the most economical of the market.

Conceived in an auto-lubricating material, an acétal, the articulateur CUP is light, ergonomic, very resistant and easy of maintenance.

The positioning of models is accurate, and the interchangeability of the models from an articulator to an other is possible.

The articulateur CUP is useful with pines by the small dish crystal or without pines by the grooved small dish.

The articulator CUP perfectly meets the requirements of the dental prosthesis.

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MODEL-LOCK is a Splitcast system which allows the re-positioning of models on any type of articulator.

Usable for the preparation of all models, joint or additional. Efficient and soft quick connection with anti-rotation plots.

Clips single use
  • Grey female parts: normal use. Black female parts: thermo-resistant use when updates in muffle furnace.
  • White male parts: male counterpart to the articulator implementation. The implementation remains simple and quick thanks to the flexible and resistant bases in elastomer. Available bases in 3 different sizes. The depth, 16.5 mm of the base corresponds to the height of a pin.

The Model Lock system is indispensable in all the labs.

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All the CUP line products are all made in France.

The CUP articulator and the Split Cast System have been created for the sake of ergonomics and feature.

The materials used, specific plastics and stainless steel, have been especially chosen for Labs.

The quality control of our products corresponds to the professional requirements of the prosthetists dental.

Dealer network

sThe products of the Line CUP are sold through our distributors' network for labs, in France, in Europe and in the world.

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If you also want to become a CUP distributor, please contact us through the form available on this page.

Easyto use

The CUP line, designed to work on dental prostheses is characterized by its simplicity of use, by the reliability of the results obtained.

Its low cost is an asset essential to the dental laboratories.

Comment utiliserl'articulateur cup ?

Voici une courte vidéo permettant vous rendre compte de la simplicité d'utilisation de l'ARTICULATEUR CUP.

Vous pouvez aussi retrouver le step by step des deux produits ci-dessous :

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The EURO-DENTIS company is specialized in the creation and the manufacturing of products for dental laboratory.

Since its creation, the Line CUP proposes tools essential to all the professionals of the dental prosthesis.

All the products of the Line CUP are made in France.

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CUP line

Intended for the works of dental prostheses , the Line CUP is characterized by the simplicity of its two flagship products: CUP articulator and Model-Lock.

The reliability, the quality and the moderate cost of use of these two products make tools essential to the dental prosthetists.